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Asset Searches


SCS provides asset searches to corporations, law firms, financial institutions, and governmental agencies. Our ability to work quickly and with the utmost concern for your privacy has earned us the distinction as a top asset search firm.

Locating bank accounts, brokerage accounts, real estate, vehicles, employment along with other possible hidden assets, whether personal and/or corporate, will enhance your ability for; 

·      Determining when and whether assets are available to make litigation worthwhile

·      Internal corporate investigations

·      Tracking large financial transfers, possibly due to illegal gain

·      Attorneys and collection agencies to levy hidden assets for judgments

SCS has a network of affiliates that provide us with information typically beyond your reach. In addition, we subscribe to proprietary databases that most individuals and companies find cost-prohibitive, but which we use regularly to access a wide variety of financial information. Through these channels, we are able to locate all assets quickly and completely.