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Workers' Compensation Fraud Investigations (AOE/COE Investigations)

(Arising Out of Employment or in the Course Of Employment)

Covert Physical Surveillance

SCS's investigators conduct "sub rosa" surveillance at virtually any time and in any type of environment. Using the latest technologies, we can overcome even the most challenging of conditions in order to capture video and/or still photography.

SCS pays special attention to all state and federal statutory restrictions, honoring the claimant's reasonable expectation of privacy. Assigned investigators will record the claimant in a non-intrusive manner while still gathering the necessary evidence that may provide evidence for civil and/or criminal action.

AOE/COE Interviews

This is a critical phase of the claims process, so leave it to a third-party private investigations firm experienced in obtaining statements. We are comfortable with the interview process as well as known for providing the documentation in an accurate and succinct format.

Activities check

We are highly skilled and able to conduct activity checks and other types of investigations needed in order to successfully conclude the case.

Compiling a vigorous defense is more than just about the one case; it is a strong deterrent for other workers who might have otherwise contemplated making fake work-related injury claims.