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Litigation Support

Litigation Support


SCS & Associates, Inc. provides law firms and corporate legal counsel with professional comprehensive litigation support services. With years of experience providing litigation support to state and federal prosecutors, our investigators are uniquely qualified to conduct discreet inquiries and investigations in support of all types of civil litigation.

SCS brings you a wide variety of litigation support services, from on-the-scene and pre-trial investigation research to concluding analysis and expert testimony. Our litigation support specialists provide the information and advisory services you need to substantiate material allegations, locate and determine motives of witnesses, and analyze exhibits and critical facts. 

At SCS, we understand that counsel frequently operates under time constraints, and we make ourselves available on short notice. Whether we're investigating employee theft, embezzlement, fraud, forgery or other illegal internal financial activities, our litigation support services team completes each assignment quickly and carefully, with the highest degree of professionalism and discretion.

Support your legal strategy by investigating adverse parties, their claims and backgrounds -  prior to litigation or during legal proceedings.

    Locate Witnesses    •    Witness Statements    •    Pretrial Investigations    •    Asset Searches    

 Intellectual Property Investigations    •    Deposition Intelligence    •     Photography Still & Video


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